Your favourite measuring kit!

Planar lets you measure things and spaces with your mobile device.

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Free, precise & easy to use.

By leveraging AR and AI users can transform their spaces into structured data in seconds! Create plans using your fingertips with ease. Start creating floor plans with Planar now!

Why to like it?

No more rulers

You do not need a measure from today. You can replace it with a convenient and easy to use application that will automatically save all measurements

Always Available

No more surprises. From now on your scoop is always with you when you need it. Just reach for the phone.

Precise and Simple

Planar is a great tool for making accurate measurements quickly and easily thanks to the simple point and click interface.

How to use it?

Detect Your Surface

Point camera to the surface you want to measure and wait until the application confirms its position. Now you are ready to go.

Point and Click

Move applications cursor over the point you want to start your measurement and tap the screen. You have just started your measurement.

Measure Custom Shapes

Move cursor to the next point to create measured distance. Repeat this proces to create shapes.

What can I measure?

Everything! Thanks to the Planar application, you can measure small distances and objects as well as create building plans and large spaces.

Get started with Planar today!

Download now and start creating floor plans with Planar now!

apple app store linkgoogle play store link


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